Getting People into God's Word and God's Word into His People
History of MBC

“My prayer and desire is that the Mini Bible College
will get people into God’s Word and God’s Word into people.”

- Dick Woodward

The Mini Bible College is rooted in Dick Woodward’s mentoring relationships with two great Bible teachers: Ray Stedman and J. Vernon McGee. Over a period of 20 years Dick developed a cover-to-cover systematic, yet devotionally practical Bible study, designed to provide solid Bible education to people with minimal prior Bible understanding.

In 1982 when Dick started to become crippled by a rare and degenerative disease of the spine, he dedicated himself to the Mini Bible College. Dois Rosser attended Dick’s Bible studies and became convinced that Dick’s teaching of scripture should be shared with a wider audience and recorded the classes; the Mini Bible College became the nurturing arm of International Cooperating Ministries (ICM).

Today MBC, through ICM’s outreach, has projects in 26 languages and in 39 countries worldwide. ICM has strategic church growth partnerships with 43 active carefully chosen indigenous organizations which enable ICM to complete its mission to nurture believers and assist the growth of the Church worldwide.

As a ministry ICM is deeply committed to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ throughout the world by empowering Christian leaders in developing countries to reach their people through the radio broadcasts, study booklets, church construction, and in some instances, providing pastoral training centers. ICM ’s vision is t o see nations transformed through Jesus Christ by the broadcasting of God’s Word and the building of churches.

The Mini Bible College was first aired in English locally and via shortwave radio in 1986. Then in the next three years the MBC scripts were translated and recorded in Spanish, then Portuguese, then Mandarin. In 1991 they were translated into Telugu for India. The MBC programs are now in 26 languages spoken by over four billion people and can be downloaded or streamed worldwide via Internet. Presently is averaging visits from over 40 countries every month.

The Mini Bible College has partnered with Walk Thru the Bible to develop Teacher Guides and Workbooks to be used in conjunction with the recorded audio lessons in small groups. This strategy is called the Targeted Media Approach (TMA), a plan to provide the MBC materials at the local church level. This systematic Bible teaching program is contributing to tremendous spiritual growth in the churches where it is being used so that they become strong, healthy, reproducing churches. Presently there are 900 TMA groups in five languages in India and by the end of this year that will grow to over 3000 groups in eight languages.

As Dick says, “The more I decreased, the more the Lord increased… It’s nothing short of a miracle."

International Cooperating Ministries