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Date: 02/22/10 | Topic: MBC Update
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Audio Program: Righteousness Reproduced in Rome Play
Language: Banjara
Banjara, also called Lambadi, is the smallest MBC language group The Old Testament still has not been translated into Banjara MBC translation was the first time some Bible passages were translated into Banjara Banjara is the language of Indian Gypsies
  Devotional Thought
In the story of Ruth, she represents those people who are not part of God's family. Ruth was not a Hebrew. She was a foreigner. Does God have any grace for the person who is not a member of the family of God? Yes, He does. Saving grace, which reached out to us when we were sinners, is how all of us become part of the family of God.
Date: 09/24/17 | Source: Study Booklet 3
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